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June 29, 2017

What happens when agua Spa's expertise, state-of-the-art technology and mindfulness come together? An innovative wellness experience like no other. In collaboration with Natura Bissé, Sanderson's agua Bathhouse and Spa brings virtual reality and meditation to the beauty game. We hope you’re as excited as we are.


There’s a reason why the term ‘mindful’ is thrown in as many headlines as the Kardashian clan these days. Defined by meditation master Thich Nhat Hanh as “the practice of being fully present and alive, body and mind united”, mindfulness is all about gaining awareness in the present moment; whether it be on the small scale like noticing your breath, or on the larger scale like forging your life’s direction.

Being mindful comes in many shapes and forms, but ultimately, it comes down to noticing and appreciating the moment and the natural world around you. This, of course, is key in mental and physical wellbeing.


Enter the agua Spa at Sanderson's cutting-edge new offering, The Mindful Touch, where virtual reality and self-care go hand-in-hand. On this spa experience, guests will immerse themselves in the practice of mindfulness, donning a virtual reality headset to reconnect with the here and now. Alongside therapists' expert touch, guests will learn to relax their body, awaken their senses and experience the pleasure of beauty in a more intense way.


Does The Mindful Touch experience sound like your cup of tea? Head to the agua Spa website to make a reservation.

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