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Samantha Duenes, aka SoSuperSam, is an all-around it girl, whose stylish looks has her receiving nods from every fashion magazine and site. Her roots began in fashion PR, working for a downtown based boutique agency, while she taught herself on to DJ on turntables on the side. Fast forward a couple years, she was on tour with Childish Gambino, which helped boost her to national attention and now you can find Duenas performing at Coachella, Low End Theory, and The Do-Over (to name a few). Duenas is one of the more recent additions to the reknown Soulection family, further bolstering her credibility as an artist and DJ, layered on the fact that she's dating another mainstay LA DJ, Them Jeans, making them one of the most fun-loving couples out there. If you're in LA, catch her spinning at her monthly party 143!

Where are you from? 
I'm actually from LA originally -- I grew up in Culver City. I’ve lived in a few other places during and after college, but I always make my way back home. I most recently re-rooted here at the end of 2012.

You started off working in fashion PR. How did you start DJing and what made you switch?
Yes! I’ve had an interest in fashion and branding for a while. That coupled with an addiction to social media and running a fashion blog sort of led me in the direction of fashion PR. I started DJing for fun as a creative outlet, and over time it evolved from a passionate hobby to a moonlighting gig. Eventually I made the full switch when DJ travel opportunities started to come in! And I never looked back from there.

Where did your DJ name come from?
The aforementioned fashion blog was called SoSuperSam. I don't quite remember the moment I decided the name was a good idea, but it was catchy and the domain was available for $4.99 -- all of the stars were aligned. When I started DJing the name stuck.

Has there been a moment in your DJing career where you thought, "This is it. I'm where I want to be."
Those moments happen all the time. It’s surreal every day that this is what I get to do, I would have never thought in my wildest dreams that I would be a DJ. Every time I think I’m where I want to be, the ceiling opens up and I discover a bunch more things I want to do and see and try. That’s what keeps it fun and challenging.

Describe your DJing style in 5 words
Silly soulful nostalgic stripper vibes

You and your boyfriend, Jason Stewart aka Them Jeans, are pretty well known as food lovers. What is your favorite thing to cook? What is your favorite dish that Jason cooks for you?
My boyfriend Jason is always experimenting with new cooking techniques and flavor combinations, but I’d say our favorite thing is to get stoned and make a very sick plate of nachos. You get the best ingredients available: good chips (Have'a Corn Chips), good cheese, sweet peppers, diced onions, cilantro, make your own guacamole and pico de gallo. Usually there is some sort of protein left over from last night's dinner: maybe pork tenderloin, roasted chicken, or braised beef. We shred that up and throw that on top. Since we started dating, Jason has taken a strong interest in Filipino cuisine. It is the sweetest gesture of love whenever he prepares an elaborate Filipino dish.

You recently spun the Heineken House at Coachella. How was that experience?
That was my first time playing at Coachella and it was awesome and a total honor that my name was on one of the pages of the festival guide. Definitely a milestone for me!

You also spun a couple of events outside the festival. What's your take on the MASSIVE number of parties? Is it even about the music anymore?
I appreciate the parties, it's a good vehicle for brands to promote something new, and everyone attending usually gets free drinks, free food, some free goodies to take with you. You share it on social media, you win, the sponsors win, and everyone goes home happy. Is it about the music -- I’m gonna say not really but I still have so much fun.

Favorites in LA:
Restaurant and what dish? Currently the tortellini at Alimento
Place to grab a drink? The Prince in Koreatown
Place to catch a show? Bardot
Place to escape? The Strand at Manhattan Beach
Dream venue to perform at? Staples Center as a Laker Girl

What makes Los Angeles so great?
The weather, the greatness of our Koreatown, the food, the view, the music. It’s all here.

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